Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Willie Brown Blues LIFE in Edinburgh
10th /11th Nov 00:45H The Jazzbar, Chamber Street, Edinburgh

Come and see "...the most exciting Blues Band in the UK" (Edinburgh Festival News)
Back from eastern Europe we've come to "the source" to let you have a little glimpse of next year's tour. Willie Brown Blues are: Uwe Bartsch (guitars & vocals), Dave Series (guitars & vocals), Adam Sorensen (drums & vocals), and Paul Harrison (piano & organ), have come together for a preview of their "Tribute to Muddy Waters" tour which will launch in Poland in February 2007. An hour and a half of music from "the master" will make you dance & smile.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey there folks, it’s good to hear that somebody is actually reading my stuff. Bear in mind that this is my blog, meaning I say what I feel and think at the time. Take it whatever way you want, but most importantly, if you don’t like what’s written here, don’t read it it’s that easy. Anyway, a lot of things have happened since my last entry and I’m pleased to say that my current wife and I have been talking, although with some difficulty. Because of the sensitive nature of all of this I have decided to not talk about what happens between us for the moment.

I do want to say a couple of things in general here though; if I can give you any advice then don’t get involved with the boy/girlfriend of your ex, or if you must, be gentle! Remember he/she will be in love with her/him, will want to be there for her/him, and will be fed all sorts of things about your worse character trades. And you can be sure that they will outweigh your good ones; otherwise she/he wouldn’t have left you - right?

In my own situation I like to apologize to my ex’s guy about the way I reacted in a few situations, and I have done so already in person. We have spoken about things and I think we’re cool. I don’t think it was right what he’d done, but if I’d been in his skin I’d probably reacted in a similar way. You know in another lifetime he and I could have been mates, which is the sad thing really, but maybe a start…

Another thing I’d like to suggest is that you join a group. There will be a thousand reasons why things didn’t work between you and your missus/geezer, and if there are any “unpleasant bits” about you, go and talk about it. I mean join Alcoholics Anonymous, Food Disorder Meetings, Men/Women who batter their wives/husbands, Men/women who are being battered, Men/women who found out they’re actually homosexual, Cheaters’ Anonymous, anything, there’ll be a group somewhere that’s for you. Talking helps! Not talking means bottling it up and swallowing the pressure, and we all know what happens to over-pressurised containers? They burst. Not a good idea! The other thing is that most of our behaviour will find a root in our childhood, and without sounding too much like Piaget, or Freud, a bad childhood is no excuse for bad behaviour in adulthood. So if you find that one or some of your more embarrassing trades has/have contributed to your marriage/partnership failing then speak to somebody. See your GP and ask him about men/women wellbeing organisations, or search the internet. I’ll add some links here soon.

Anyway, that’s it for now. If you know me and want a personal update get in touch and I’ll tell you (or not). Until the next time - take care my Possums!...