Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Without Prejudice

So there we are. Another weekend has gone and I’m a bit bamboozled because some strange things occurred this weekend with my current wife. I won’t go into details here, so if you want to know about it call or visit me and we can talk, but I’d like to offer some advice to all those separated folk out there. Don’t ever meet with your current spouses on your own! They will twist and turn things, until they convinced themselves and others that you’re the meanest bastard around, even if you only try to reason with them to stick to arrangements for example. Of course it will be your word against hers, but who believes the guy anyway, when she tells everybody you’ve been dragging her around the floor by her hair etc? The other thing is, please keep the kids away if you must meet, because the resentment between you and your ex can be so great that either of you can easily forget that your little one is actually in the same room etc.

Oh, and one more thing, stay away from your ex’s respective boy or girlfriend. They’ve been told all about you and your worst character traits, and more than not things will be hugely exaggerated, so they won’t be nice to you when you do meet. In my case, I was actually attacked in front of my little boy (6 years old) in my own home. I open the door of my flat to find, to my surprise, the Neanderthal boyfriend of my ex. charging in to my own home assaulting me. Calling the police won’t help if you don’t have any independent witnesses, so you might as well piss against the wind. Of course it’s even more ironic to be attacked by a violent geezer when you yourself are supposed to be the violent one. The very fact that the new chap on the scene is actually behaving in exactly the way that your ex is saying you were like, doesn’t seem to bother anybody. It’s a funny odd world.

Anyway – peace, rice and vegetables Possums


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