Thursday, September 14, 2006

So there you go. I'm still in bed and I'm still bored... Watched some program on ITV 4 the other night which was called "...A Date With The Dalai" WHAT A CON! I hate it when people use the Dalai Lama for the sole purpose of getting TV ratings. This garbling nonsense basically showed two spoilt brats (supposedly well known actors of some kind, but I've never heard of 'em), traveling through India on their way to meet HH The XIV Dalai Lama. His Holiness wasn't in this "first part" at all, so they should have called it "... A Date With The Dalai, Although He's Not In It". What a load of self-centered garbage... AAARRRGGGHHH!
This is what it has come to, I'm paying attention to a program which doesn't deserve any, and I'm moaning, when I really don't even like "moaners"... Oh well, I'm allowed to, I just say that I was ill as a child :o)
Anyway, I love HH The XIV Dalai Lama and you should read his book "Freedom In Exile" - it changed my life, and I knew half way through reading it, that I was going to be a Buddhist for the rest of this life, and hopefully throughout the ones to come as well. That was 15 years ago, and what a ride it has been so far. You know, for most of my life I was very scared of life, death, and in general all the stuff that happens in between. Since I've started to study the Dharma (teachings of Buddhism), things really changed, and life, death and some of the stuff in between has become less scary, as long as I approach these issues with logic, patience, diligence, and compassion for myself and every sentient being. I heard HH saying once, "You see, when I get up in the morning, I usually say to myself that I will help everybody I meet today in some way, and if that's not possible, then I will try to at least not harm them." What could I possibly add to that.

Peace & loving kindness to ya all Possums


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