Saturday, January 06, 2007

It looks like my first solo EP is going to be out soon. After 3 months of fighting Pneumonia “uwe – alive and well” follows a request from my agent who thinks that there’s enough of you possums out there who want some of my “unplugged stuff” from live work. Well it’ll contain a few numbers from the Edinburgh Exchange gig in December last year.
It's also the first time I'm using my "real" name on a recording. After all the shit I had to put up with record companies and publishers over the years, I have only this to say tho them; with the words of Bender: "Kiss My Shiny Metal Robot Ass!" I own my name, you might think you do, but you're wrong! It's on my birth certificates and on my passport. I signed an agreement with you guys when I was 17 years old and didn't know better, now I'm 43, and lots of opportunities have passed me, but - no more, I've had enough. Sue me if you have the time and money, but don't bully me, cause I ain't being bullied. Email me if you like to find out more about what I'm on about...

Cheerio Possums


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